Customer Success Story – d&b audiotechnik

d&b audiotechnik is a German manufacturer of loudspeakers and amplifiers. Their systems are considered the global standard in performance. The company incorporates holistic thinking by seamlessly combining workflow, support, education, and design to help customers achieve their vision. d&b audiotechnik has chosen the SOFT4Lessee system for managing leases under the IFRS 16 standard.

Adria Wright, the Staff Accountant for d&b audiotechnik, explains the decision:

1. Why did you choose SOFT4Lessee? 

We chose SOFT4Lessee because of its ability to handle leases and sub-leases in terms of accounting, tracking, and reporting. Additionally, it is a Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central-designed product.

2. What made our product stand out from other options? 

SOFT4Lessee is robust, and it can integrate with Navision/Business Central or function as a stand-alone model. It was the only software that offered the ability to handle subleases, whether they are simple or complex. The level of detail provided by SOFT4Lessee is impressive and gives us confidence in its ability to deliver what we need. The software is highly professional and the pricing is very reasonable.

3. Our team and professionals, how did we do? 

I was very impressed with the customer service, support, and implementation teams. Everyone was knowledgeable and attentive to any and all questions or issues that arose. I had very few issues with my implementation and use of the software, but any questions regarding the software setup, my leases, or my account were answered in a timely manner. Even if the resolution led to another question, the team at SOFT4Lessee always responded quickly and provided a satisfactory resolution or answer. This has given me a huge amount of confidence that no matter what I may need from SOFT4Lessee, they will take care of me.

4. Regarding system usability. What did you like most about it? Anything we could improve in any process?

If you already use Microsoft Dynamics Navision/Business Central and have an accounting background, the software is relatively easy to learn and use. The manual is very helpful as it provides more detailed information on what items are and what information should be entered. I think a training manual with examples of various different lease and sublease scenarios, from setup to reporting, would be helpful.

5. Would you recommend SOFT4Lessee? If so, why? 

Yes, I would recommend SOFT4Lessee. It is a very robust piece of software regardless of how simple or complicated your leases are. The customer service team, support, and implementation teams are fantastic.

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