Customer Success Story – ENVA

ENVA is a leading provider of recycling and resource recovery solutions, with locations across the United Kingdom and Ireland. With sustainability at the forefront of ENVA’s proposition, they recover a broad range of waste materials for re-use in manufacturing and energy conversion. The company is committed to recycling and resource recovery; it forms the basis of their business strategy and values. ENVA has chosen the SOFT4Lessee system to manage leases under the IFRS 16 standard.

Craig Gallacher, the head of transactional finance and systems for ENVA, explains the decision:

Why did you choose SOFT4Lessee? 

Craig Gallacher answers: SOFT4Lessee fitted like a glove onto our Microsoft Dynamics Business Central System, which made it far easier for the team to pick up and use. It feels as if it’s part of the Business Central off-shelf system.

Our team and professionals, how did we do?

Craig Gallacher answers: I found the interactions from the sale point through to the implementation to be refreshing, professional and efficient in every aspect.

The project itself, did it go smoothly?

Craig Gallacher answers: The project went smoothly with only a few minor issues, which were flagged and addressed the same day they were identified.

Regarding system usability. What did you like most about it? Is there any part of the process we could improve upon?

Craig Gallacher answers: The look and feel is brilliant, as is the ease of use. The default reports pretty much give us everything we require to ensure our management team and auditors have transparency and confidence in the numbers hitting the GL.

Would you recommend SOFT4Lessee?

Craig Gallacher answers: I definitely would recommend as it’s a bug-free solution that addresses the accounting regulations, and implementation team members are not just techy but understand what’s required from a regulation point of view within the disclosures and accounting entries. I have implemented many solutions over the years where I felt the provider wasn’t as confident in their accounting understanding as they were on the mechanics of their solution. I felt SOFT4 had both tech and accounting comprehension in bundles.

Customer Testimonial: