What’s New in June Release?

SOFT4RealEstate new version, release date 2023 June

Have access to the new features as soon as they’re released!


  • New Integration events were created.
  • Building Cost Reconciliation now includes Purchase Credit Memos.
  • Checking of Lease Unit usage in multiple Lease Contracts at a time can now be configured so that the check is done on Lease Contract Release, this will make it possible to prepare multiple Lease Contract drafts (quotes) with the same Lease Unit.
  • Property allocation code selection on Purchase Invoice Line will allow you to choose only from selected Property Allocations.


  • The Service Price field Type changed from Option to Enum, so that it now can be extensible.

Bug fixes:

  • The Work Order invoicing issue fixed.
  • SOFT4RealEstate licensing issue fixed.
  • Lease Contract Check – list of warning messages bug fix.
  • Lease Contract Contacts & Lease Contract Termination bug fix.
  • Service Price dates bug fix.
  • Building Cost Reconciliation bug fix.
  • Charge calculation for a long period when there are price changes in the middle of the period bug fix.

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    What’s Coming?

    SOFT4RealEstate What’s Coming – 2023
    Have access to the new features as soon as they’re released!


    What’s Coming in SOFT4RealEstate:

    • Improved UI/UX. More role centers that can be used on mobile device by the users who don’t use PC/laptop much. Simplified pages for easier usage of the app.
    • More detailed cost analysis per Lease Unit. Each expense can be allocated to a property or unit, and this would appear on Lease Unit Ledger.
    • Reconciliation improvements will allow you to run this process smoothly with more possibilities – reconcile single contract, run reconciliation not only for property but also for a Lease Unit Group and more.
    • SOFT4RealEstate Help in BC. Users can access specific area manuals directly from the BC window.
    • Price Indexation process improvements will let you send Indexation letters for the tenants as well as it would index required Deposit amounts based on Rent price indexation.