What’s New in March Release?

SOFT4RealEstate new version, release date 2023 March

Have access to the new features as soon as they’re released!

NEW Features in SOFT4RealEstate:

  • Lease Holdovers. It is now possible to set Lease Contract as ‘Holdover’, so that it would be included in Invoicing even after Contract expiration date is passed. This will not require creation of new Contract Version and could be used when Contract is still in negotiation for extension.


  • Purchase Order creation from Work Order changed so that it now can be created if Work Order Status is not equal to New, Completed or Closed.
  • Lease Contract Discounts are now linked not only to Lease Unit but also to Lease Contract. So that it is now able to apply separate discounts for the same Lease Unit on different Lease Contracts (if used for quoting, for example).
  • Deleting Sales Invoice created based on Work Order will clear fields on Work Order Header and Lines that show if Work Order Line has been invoiced to the customer.
  • New Integration events created.
  • Lease Contract Dates field Description length increased to 500 characters.
  • Now it is possible to configure Service Journal line creation to create separate lines if there are price change in a middle of calculation period. It can be done in Real Estate Setup.
  • Pro data calculations can be configured to use different methods – Monthly or Yearly daily price. It can be done in Real Estate Setup. Same would be applied for rent reviews/price changes in the middle of calculation period.
  • Lease Unit cost entries would bring dimensions from purchase document line.

Changes & Bug fixes:


  • Property/Building card cannot be deleted if it is used as a Building in a Lease Contract Header.

Bug Fixes: 

  • Lease Contract Contact validation.
  • Lease Contract Discount calculation.
  • Lease Contract Line date conflict issue fixed. Now it will allow creation of Lease Contract line that ends earlier than another Contract Line starting date.
  • Meter Coefficient issue fixed so that it will combine Meter card and Lease Unit meter coefficients.

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    What’s Coming?

    SOFT4RealEstate What’s Coming – 2023
    Have access to the new features as soon as they’re released!


    What’s Coming in SOFT4RealEstate:

    • Improved UI/UX. More role centers that can be used on mobile device by the users who don’t use PC/laptop much. Simplified pages for easier usage of the app.
    • More detailed cost analysis per Lease Unit. Each expense can be allocated to a property or unit, and this would appear on Lease Unit Ledger.
    • Reconciliation improvements will allow you to run this process smoothly with more possibilities – reconcile single contract, run reconciliation not only for property but also for a Lease Unit Group and more.
    • SOFT4RealEstate Help in BC. Users can access specific area manuals directly from the BC window.
    • Price Indexation process improvements will let you send Indexation letters for the tenants as well as it would index required Deposit amounts based on Rent price indexation.